Who are we?

LOGOPROM SAS has been proud to offer “Exceptional Gifts for Legendary Companies” since 1985.

LOGOPROM is a member of the select club of France’s top 20 promotional agencies, with a strong international culture.

– Deploys global digital object solutions for major groups, local authorities and the retail sector
– Fast-track relocation of production to France
– Optimises its carbon footprint and that of its customers,
– As part of its commitment to full transparency of its subcontractors .

2/3 of the goodies and retail objects sold by LOGOPROM have been developed ex nihilo by its teams.

The development of custom-made objects guarantees you total control over quality and respect for the environment and people throughout the value chain.

The objects developed by LOGOPROM are also sold in the retail trade under their brand name by shop chains with a culture of difference (Nature et Découvertes ).

LOGOPROM is a member of the EUR’ALLIANCE purchasing group, which guarantees competitive prices.

To mark its 35th anniversary and partially offset its carbon footprint, LOGOPROM has embarked on an ambitious programme to replant trees in France for every order received. in partnership with the start-up ECOTREE.

We propose that we prepare for the future together.

Fine with you.


Chairman of LOGOPROM SAS


Milestones in LOGOPROM's history :

  • 1985: Creation of LOGOPROM SARL by brothers Pierre and Bernard BOULANGER. Import of “American caps”.
    Unpublished (at the time!) advertising material discovered during summer jobs on a cattle farm in Western Canada (Alberta).
  • 1987: Luggage, umbrellas and watches are launched in parallel. Refocusing on BtoB.
  • 1991: Pierre BOULANGER leaves for new adventures. Bernard BOULANGER alone at the helm.
  • 1995 : 1ère démarche RSE chez LOGOPROM : Adhésion à ECO- EMBALLAGE devenu CITEO aujourd’hui. LOGOPROM, 20 years ahead of the market, is the first promotional products consultancy to pay a voluntary annual contribution towards the recycling of household packaging.
  • 1996: First Tour de France with PMU
  • 1997: First Tour de France with Michelin
  • 2001: Creation of the website
  • 2003 : Certification ISO 9001
  • 2004: 1st sports sponsorship: Luc Dumont Saint Priest, an exceptional long-distance runner in the “RUN ACROSS AMERICA” race with LOGOPROM
    5,000 km run from Los Angeles to New York City. 55 days of running with only 7 pairs of trainers and an iron will…..
  • 2005: Release of the new LOGOPROM logo, the LOGGY mascot and
    the first edition of the CATALOGUE MAGIQUE.
  • First Points Cœur partnership.
  • 2005: Double first prize awarded to the “Maman Kangourou” soft toy.
    developed by LOGOPROM at the Trophées de la Communication par l’Objet :
    Result: 55,000 bankbooks opened during the Wizbee BNP Paribas campaign- Signing of the RATP contract, which will be renewed 3 times. Integrated creation of our first online shop
  • 2006: Creation of the Rewards Division for the Mail Order and Press markets.
  • 2008: Creation of a high-quality RETAIL range for resale in theme parks, museums and specialist shops. Launch of our first INCENTIVE catalogue
  • 2009 : Certification ISO 14 001. Creation of our integrated office in Guangzhou (China)
  • 2011: Winner of the Crédit Agricole Group’s Trophées Horizon. 1st participation in Accessibility Day, thanks to one of our customers. Start of referencing in Nature et Découvertes shops
  • 2013: Website redesign
  • 2015: LOGOPROM’s thirtieth anniversary 1% of your orders donated to the NGO of your choice for our 30th anniversary.
  • Voluntary membership of the ECOVADIS rating system. GOLD rating from the first year.
  • 2016: Development of official EURO 2016 products for our client Crédit Agricole Group
  • 2017: Profit-sharing agreement set up for the LOGOPROM team. Signature of the Suppliers Responsible Purchasing Charter. Website redesign
  • 2018: Supplier unanimously selected by the Société Générale Jury.
    (Unique in the history of SG). Début des travaux sur une offre prometteuse en solution « Full Digital ». Our Asian office is a member of AMFORI.
  • 2019 : New competitiveness strengthened by membership of the EUR’ALLIANCE purchasing and referencing group (15 companies, €41 million in purchases excluding VAT)
  • Delivery of 1st customer contract for full digital solutions;
  • 2020: LOGOPROM’S THIRTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY. ECOVADIS PLATINUM rating obtained (less than 1% of companies have this rating) Launch of the operation : “Zero carbon target 2030. Start of a partnership with ECOTREE (1 order=1 tree planted). To help our customers fight the pandemic, we launched a comprehensive, competitive range of protective equipment (masks, gels, etc.). 1% of the masks delivered to our customers were donated to hospitals in our customers’ regions. Overhaul of our website.
  • 2022: We invite you to write this new page in our history together!

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Logoprom, ethical and transparent

Logoprom has set itself the target of zero carbon by 2030, thanks to a strong CSR policy.